Have You Photographed At My Wedding Venue?

I have a list here of all the venues I have photographed weddings at, however if I haven't photographed a wedding at your venue, don't stress! I have been trained to read light and locations to still get the perfect images!

We have decided we love your work, and definitely want to book you for our wedding – what’s the next step?

The next step is simply contact me to ensure I am available on your wedding date! Then I only require a $200 deposit to secure your wedding date, and the rest may be paid at a closer date.

Will I know if I have Samantha Moody photographing my wedding, or will it be someone else?

You will definitely be aware if I am photographing your wedding, or if it is one of my second shooters. It will always be myself, Samantha Moody, unless stated otherwise before your booking!

How many photographs will I receive? Example: 800+?

Depending on how much is going on at your wedding, you may receive a different amount of photographs. In the case of 800+, I do not wish to put an official final number on the amount of edits, as I don’t want to limit what you receive if I do manage to get several more photographs of your wedding than 800. It is simply an estimate.

Do we have to provide a meal for you at our wedding?

My assistant and I work hard through-out the day with you, and this can definitely build up an appetite! This is why we make it compulsory for us to receive some form of meal at the Reception. And we always recommend our meals come out first so we can eat and dash to ensure we don’t miss anything. (This does not apply for Bronze Packages)

How long does it take to receive my wedding photographs?

This depends on what season your wedding was photographed in. Generally, weddings in the high-demand seasons such as January, February, March, April, October, November, December can take around 3 – 4 months. However you will receive a sneak peek within a few days of your wedding!

Why does it take so long to receive my wedding photographs?

I like to ensure that my photographs are perfect before you receive them. I take pride and passion in every photograph I take on your special day. Another important factor to realise it that your wedding isn’t the only special day I have photographed. Often I have two weddings a weekend, this results in the second wedding being pushed back several weeks, and then continues into the the next week of weddings I have photographed – I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Do you photograph weddings outside of melbourne?

I definitely do! The only changed condition is that my travel charge will be increased to compensate for my accommodation/flights/petrol. I love the idea of a fresh location!

Do we have to have a meeting with you before our wedding?

Meeting with a client before their wedding is recommended, but definitely not compulsory. If you are simply comfortable with booking with me, and meeting me on your wedding day, or if you already met me previously at another event and don’t feel the need, that is perfectly fine. Also please be aware that my schedule can be fairly chaotic, as I work two jobs.

What information do we need to provide you with before our wedding?

There are several key points we need to know before your wedding date. > The run sheet of how the day will play out with TIMES & ADDRESSES. > Any suprises that may be occuring (that you know about!) so we are prepared. > Phone numbers of people in the bridal party, and brides and grooms don't always have their phones on them!

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