After receiving her Advanced Diploma of Photography, Samantha set out on an adventure to document the beautiful and timeless moments in others stories. Not a moment goes by when she doesn't have a smile on her face, as she goes above and beyond for all her clients, resulting in a personal touch to all weddings she captures. Samantha has been quoted on her attention to detail and ability to catch the seemingly small moments that often turn out to be the most special ones.



Studying for four years to obtain his Advanced Diploma in Film and Media, Adam is an always determined spirit who instantly makes you feel comfortable in front of his camera. Adam has a special ability to ensure he is in the right place at the right time, to capture the true colours of our clients memorable day!


Self taught and determined, Winship has been working alongside Samantha since the very beginning of this adventure! His stand out quality lies in his ability to establish a relationship with his clients from the moment they meet. He is often found in odd places, documenting things from the unexpected and beautiful angles.


Although he may be the youngest in the group, he has the largest knowledge of the technical side and gear used to capture a wedding! Working twice as hard, Scott's fresh attitude allows him to have a higher standard than most his age.  When it comes down to a key moment of your wedding day, our guarantee is that Scotty will be there!

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